Miracle Flights For Kids - GeoDivers.Com
August 25, 2017
The amazing volunteers and many others who work with Miracle Flights for Kids are quite often referred to as “Miracle Makers.” Quite often, the people who are helped by the organization call them that and frankly, the name usually fits, when one considers the number of sick children they help every year. This fine nonprofit organization exists for only one purpose; to make sure that the families of sick children who have been saddled with a medical condition requiring specialized medical care gain access to that medical care, even if it’s located hundreds of miles from home.

The Miracle Flights for Kids “Miracle Makers” understand that not every family has the means to jump on a plane anytime they have to travel. When they live on one side of the country, with the doctors and treatment their child needs is on the other side, the family should be able to get there, anyway. Miracle Flights for Kids flies any patient who qualifies, as well as two parents or guardians to wherever they have to go. Whether they seek treatment, follow-up care or to get a second opinion, they deserve help.